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Born in Canada on December 02, 1988.
May 1993
My first meeting with my new daughter
August 1993
1st weekend in her new home, at a lake near our house
Sept. 1993
Our first holiday together. We went to see my grandmother and then to Revelstoke and Lake Louise
Dec. 2, 1993
Her 5th birthday. Her first in her new home. We had a big party even though she was sick.
Christmas 1993
She got "Bruce" the dinosaur that worked a miracle
January 1994
The miracle starts: she learns how to chew on Bruce and starts to use her hands
July 1994
We travel to Ontario for 2 weeks staying with my husband's father in Toronto and my mom in Ottawa. We also went to Niagara Falls & Montreal. Kayda had a wonderful time.
September 1994
Starts grade 1 in our local school
Oct. 1994
First illness severe enough to be in hospital since Aug. 1993. Just a cold, but she was in and out of hospital for most of a month.
Nov. 1994
She starts to eat orally; and loves it!!!!!
December 2, 1994
6th birthday. We had an even bigger party. She was so different from the previous year. She played with toys and even ate birthday cake.
Christmas 1994
We went to see my Grandmother even though Kayda was sick. After Christmas we went to Vernon so my husband could ski. She "visited" the Vernon hospital ER at one point on our trip
Jan. 1995
My Grandmother (mom's mother) dies. Kayda & I travel to Victoria for the funeral. Kayda kept quiet while visiting by being fed orally. She loved the trip.
March 1995
Trip to Winnipeg to visit a friend. Just Kayda & I went She started coming down with what turned out to be pneumonia on the plane on the way home. She managed to make it home and didn't go to hospital until the next morning.
May 1995
left hip dislocates
July 1995
Her first time at Day camp. On the last day they went to the Water slides
August 1995
We move to a new home in order to get away from all the problems at Kayda's school. We choose a new school that looks forward to having her. They agree to let her do a 2nd year of grade 1
Sept. 5, 1995
1st hip surgery
Sept. 1995
She starts to listen to stories on tape as she recovered from her surgery.
Dec. 2, 1995
7th birthday. Just Angela & Carly came to have cake.
Christmas 1995
Our first Christmas in our new home. Kayda was sick again.
May 1996
Left hip dislocates again. Surgery done to put it back in. She spent 3 1/2 months (all summer) in casts
July 1996
Week spent in a cabin at Adams Lake. Kayda just wanted to stay inside the cabin listening to stories like she did at home. She did enjoy going for a ride in a rowboat with my husband (casts and all).
December 2, 1996
Kayda's 8th birthday. We had a party with several friends. Carly came for a sleep over the night before. This time she was in casts and Kayda was in her abduction brace that was almost the same as being in casts.
Christmas 1996
She was healthy!!!! Her best Christmas so far. She even ate turkey and vegetables for dinner (pureed of course). We had lots of snow that year.
Feb. 1997
3rd hip surgery: this time her right hip was reconstructed. She nearly died from complications after the surgery and was in hospital for over 3 weeks.
July 1997
Severe pneumonia 2 days after my husband announces he is leaving. she nearly died. but as always once I picked her up and held her she started to get better.
Novmeber 1997
We meet Robbie; a child in our area who has Hydranencephaly
Dec. 2, 1997
9th birthday. Her first "real" little girl birthday party with friends from school. It was a "fairy" party done by a store in our town. Unfortunately Kayda was sick and slept through the entire party. As the kids played I packed so we were ready to go to the hospital after the party-ended up being ok at home.
Christmas 1997
Spent in hospital due to pneumonia
Jan. 1, 1998
Still in hospital. Home 1st week of Janauary. The best thing to come out of this long hospital stay was a new very supportive pediatrician.
April 1998
First hydranencephaly website goes online. We have just been in touch with 5 or 6 families. Kayda's is the only story on the site.
June 1998
Trip to Disneyland
Sept. 1998
Hydranencephaly mailing list starts with 8 families
Dec. 2, 1998
Kayda's 10th birthday. We had a big party with Angela & Carly and friends from school. It was a "sleepless" sleepover where the kids came in the evening. We made pizzas and played games. The kids went home at 10. Kayda fell asleep before the end. In the morning when she woke up she had pneumonia and ended up in hospital.
Christmas 1998
A Healthy Christmas at last
March 1999
Very severe pneumonia. We almost lost her
Summer 1999
Increasing difficulties with eating and seizures. Cried much of the time until we started giving her a mild sedative. Then she settled down but continued to have seizures.
Dec. 2, 1999
11th birthday. A small party with Angela & Carly & Robbie
Christmas 1999
She was healthy again and even went to Church Christmas eve for the first time
Jan. 2000
She started getting sick every time she was taken out so she stopped attending school. She also started having a new kind of seizure that only happened in the middle of the night. As they lasted for hours I had to stay up to give her medication if she had one.
late Feb. 2000
I realize she may be dying and start to think of plans for her memorial
March 30, 2000
She got her new comfy chair and started to sleep all the time.
End of April 2000
I realized she was tired and that it was time to let her go Home to Heaven and no new treatements would be tried.
1st week of June 2000
5 days at Canuck Place for an evaluation. She was now considered to be eligible for their paliative care program
June 9-15, 2000
Back home, having incresing problems
June 15, 2000
We return to Canuck Place when she can no longer take any fluids. We leave home for what I know will be the last time.
June 23, 2000
Died at approx. 11:30 pm at the age of 11 1/2 while being held by me. "And with your final heartbeat Kiss the world goodbye Go in peace and laugh on Glory's side And Fly to Jesus, Fly to Jesus, Fly to Jesus And Live..." (by Chris Rice)
February 2005
A newly designed Hydranencephaly website is online with over 60 stories of children. The Hydranencephaly mailing list has over 150 members. This is Kayda's legacy that continues to grow.
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