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I just cant  / Dianne Lindsey (none)  Read >>
I just cant  / Dianne Lindsey (none)
i AM WEEPING...bLESS YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND Superb parents superb human beings. Close
Kayda / Jaima Collins (Reader)  Read >>
Kayda / Jaima Collins (Reader)
Ever since I was a little girl I knew my first daughter would be named Kayda. I thought I was the only person in the world who thought of this name. Tonight I decided to find out and after typing "Kayda" into a search engine found this site. I am so happy to have read this story of such a beautiful miraculous person. Kayda was truly blessed to have such a wonderful family by her side. There's no way I'm changing my daughters name. And Kayda I know you're looking down on us right now. Your family will be with you soon but have a blast in the meantime! Close
Miss Kayda  / Jeanene Headlee (friend of your mommy )  Read >>
Miss Kayda  / Jeanene Headlee (friend of your mommy )

Dearest Kayda, 

If you only knew how important you were on earth and what a difference you continue to make to SO many families.  Your mommy loved you so much than when you went to heaven she had to tell others all about hydranencephaly and help other mommies and daddies who had babies and children just like you!  She does all of this with you in her heart and mind. 

When I first met your mommy, we were around a lot of other mommies with babies and children with hydran.  I remember her saying so many times while we were there That's just what Kayda would do!  and He looks so much like Kayda, and They all hold their hands like Kayda!.  It was exciting for her to realize that the other children with hydran had a certain look that only angels born with hydran have.  I think she felt like you were a part of a group of friends in heaven who all had something important in common. 

You would be 19 this year.  I am sorry you didn't get to spend more time with your mommy, but when we meet in heaven, you will have all eternity to tell her how much you love her and how much you missed her.  And wait til you meet Trevor -- he's a GREAT brother! 

Looking forward to meeting you, 

Jeanene in Tucson, AZ  USA 

What a precious child / Brenda Lewis   Read >>
What a precious child / Brenda Lewis
I can see the smile and her lit up eyes, she is beautiful. I can tell by the pictures and your story that she was a very very loved child, and by the looks on her face, she knew it!!!  She still knows you love her, and she knows the love of Jesus now too. My son went on his journey with the Lord 4 months ago at the age of 14, I miss him so bad. Kayda and Taylor are carefree and surrounded by perfection and love. http://  God blesses us with our children for awhile, but they are really His. We will see them again, and hug them, and laugh with them and never have to leave them ---- someday. Close
My Gift / Barb Aleman (mom)  Read >>
My Gift / Barb Aleman (mom)
God loaned me a gift A precious gift Some peole look at my gift And say, "how sad". They only see what she isn't I look at my gift And see her gorgeous smile And rejoice in who she is. Some Doctors look at my gift And say, "she really shouldn't be alive, It's not fair to her" They see her as very different and lacking in some way I look at my gift And cherish every moment Every smile. This precious gift that has been loaned to me Has now gone Home to God I miss her and I'll grieve, But I thank Gof for every precious day she spent with me. And, I know that at Home in Heaven All se and rejoice in this precious gift from God. Close
Kayda's Eulogy / Barb Aleman (her mom)  Read >>
Kayda's Eulogy / Barb Aleman (her mom)
Kayda Kayda was a child that at first wasn't really wanted and when she was born and it was found that she had no brain there really seemed to be no hope for this child. No chance for her to benefit anyone. Well!!!!! Kayda is a very special gift from God. Because of Kayda many people no longer fear children with severe "challenges". Because of Kayda many families have learned that there is no such thing as "no hope" for children with disabilities. Because of Kayda many families now know that Doctors aren't always or even often often right when they make predictions about a child's furture. Because of Kayda nearly 100 families of children with her condition, now know that they aren't alone. Because of Kayda I returned from a many years long journey away from God. Because of Kayda many children have learned how to listen to and value someone who has no words. Because of Kayda a whole school has learned how to care for one another. This little girl never said a word. She never took a step. But, what an impact she has made on sho many lives. That smile of hers could light up a whole city. I know many people who went on with a lighter step after being rewarded by one of Kayda's smiles. Kayda could do very little compared with other children. But everthing she learned to do she did with enthusiasm and delight. And, all around her shared in that delight. At school when she started to do something new all who knew her exulted with her. This little girl never, ever consciously or uncouciously hurt anyone. She never did anything wrong. Can any of us make that claim? So, although many looked at Kayda and saw a child they thought was lacking in many ways, many more saw a beautiful girl who was a special child of God. Close
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